Tirdzniecības centrā "Domina" izcēlies neliels ugunsgrēks

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This is why, every year, as the leaves start to change and pumpkin spice again reigns supreme, event planners go to work on their holiday event planning. But, obviously, to solicit donations or sell tickets to your event, kas ir izcēlies tirdzniecībā need to get noticed.

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These creative holiday event marketing ideas can do just that! They will help you stand out in and put you well on your way to increasing revenues and hosting a truly successful holiday event!

Tirdzniecības centrā “Alfa” rīta pusē izcēlies ugunsgrēks

Understanding Your Audience Before you can really determine exactly which marketing strategy to use, you need to understand your target audience. To do this, you will have to do a little bit of exploring.

kas ir izcēlies tirdzniecībā

How does your audience behave during the holidays? Do they celebrate widely and attend several events, large and small?

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Or, do they stay close to home, preferring to spend time with family? Answering these questions will help you create, design, brandand market an event that is suitable for your target. If, for example, your audience tends to focus on family time during the holidays, consider a family-friendly event and marketing campaign.

If your audience has a fully packed schedule this time of year, consider having an online, or remote, element to your event.

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In the case of fundraisers, this could mean an online raffle or some other form of mobile fundraising. Your marketing campaign should be tailored to speak to, and address, the unique needs of your target.

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At a time of year when there are a lot of great campaigns to contend with, one of the ways you can most stand out is to speak directly to people, instead of at them. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would like to see.

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It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Draw inspiration from the list below, but also from past marketing campaigns. In the last few years, brands have been using this type of campaign to engage users on social media.

kas ir izcēlies tirdzniecībā

What does one give the person who has everything? Tickets to your event!

Tirdzniecības centrā Juglā izcēlies ugunsgrēks; satiksme atjaunota

And given the more and more people are gifting experiences over objects, your event may perfectly fit this need. These actions will not only grow your Instagram or Facebook page but the shares create awareness of your event and your brand.

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Use a giveaway to further develop your event brand. Create an Instagram story or go live on your social channels to tell people about your event and how they can enter. Seeing a real person behind the brand can help your audience connect on a deeper level.

Forming a connection is likely to increase participation and boost ticket sales overall. Once the giveaway has closed, contact all of the participants.

Thank them for their interest and mention that if they still want to attend the event, tickets are available for purchase, and include all of the sales links.

Holiday Event Marketing Ideas That Stand Out in 2019

Kas ir izcēlies tirdzniecībā an Online Event Your social channels and event website are great tools for generating excitement and separating yourself from the crowd. Instagram stories, for example, are the perfect way to create awareness and draw people to where you want nauda ir jānopelna tur, kur tā ir to go.

This can work in a couple of different ways. You can use an online event to draw attention to your main event, or, you can run one alongside your main event to accommodate folks who may not be able to attend in person.

Online events as part of your ad campaign can be incredibly effective.

kas ir izcēlies tirdzniecībā

Have exclusive content like video sneak peeks or teasers. Consider putting a Santa Claus tracker on your page over Christmas Eve or finding some other reason to attract people to your page. While they are there, you can prompt them to make an online donation.

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As we all know, the holidays are an insanely busy, hectic time, full of shopping and social engagements, so offer your audience something that may better fit their schedule. If you are doing a raffle, use content marketing or online videos to encourage mobile ticket purchases then broadcast the actual draw on all of your channels. Tell a Story Storytelling can be an incredibly powerful tool to connect your event brand with your audience.

kas ir izcēlies tirdzniecībā

A solid blog post, for example, can be used to provide value to your audience while showing them what you are all about. This time of year, ads come at all of us at an alarming rate and after a while, we stop paying attention.

Use your site and your social channels to be more substantive.

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