Householder asked to remove Halloween display because it’s ‘scaring children’


This creepy Halloween display spooked one local into calling for its removal – but its creator has no intention of giving up the ghosts.

Ashan Jeeawon received an email asking him to get rid of the ghouls and witches as they might scare kids.

It read: “ Halloween celebrations are detrimental to the mental health of many people – in particular children and the vulnerable.”

But when he put the row to a vote on a Facebook community page, he found neighbours and their kids “overwhelmingly” loved the display.

Now Ashan, a councillor in Bexhill, East Sussex, who lives with his partner, sister, her kids and his parents, says “the decorations will remain”.

The property stylist who decorates the house for every major holiday throughout the year, said: “Everything I do is to support my community.

“For someone to say it’s having a negative impact… that is the last thing I would want.

“If it was scaring children and vulnerable people, I’d have no hesitation taking it down.”

But the response to his Facebook poll was clear.

“Every single one of the 700-plus comments is positive,” he said.

“Lots of people said their kids asked them to detour so they can look at the house.

“I think there were 30 people that said they suffered from mental health issues and it was supporting them as opposed to being detrimental.”

One parent said: “My two- year-old loved it. The point of Halloween is to be spooky.”

And a neighbour said: “The amount of children that have taken time to look is fabulous.”